This is first post on the blog even though I have been here already for 7 months. I decided to write this blog because something interesting happened that I consider it to be quite special. Maybe I was just carried away by the Christmas Holidays magic aura that is all around us but maybe not, … More THE GOOD LIFE

On the Importance of Arboriculture (Coraline´s Story)

WHO AM I? Hola, I am Coraline. I am originally from Reunion Island (so I am French), studied in England, was living in Brussels and now working in Alzira. It may sound peculiar, but I would not describe myself as someone who particularly likes travelling, I just follow what comes along according to my objective. … More On the Importance of Arboriculture (Coraline´s Story)

Volunteering in Poland

Micaela, who was volunteering in Wrocław, Poland has shared her presentation experience with us. Her project´s tasks included not only presenting Spanish culture but also teaching the language to local youth. Micaela´s effort  was certainly beneficial and interesting for young pupils: “El cole estaba todo decorado con fotos y cartulinas sobre España, la gente muy … More Volunteering in Poland