To be a Volunteer – Katerina

Dear readers,

Hello! It’s a very exciting moment for me to be writing for the school’s magazine. kat1I was asked to talk about my first impressions regarding my European Voluntary Service. But let’s take it from the beginning. I am Katerina, a twenty-five year-old girl from Greece, who left Athens, a capital city, in order to come to Alzira and become a member of the family of Enric Valor. I had been trying to decide for a long time whether to apply for an EVS project. As you probably already know, times are hard in Greece. People my age struggle to create a life for their own. That reason combined with my love for travelling urged me to apply for a position as an EVS volunteer in Enric Valor. So here I am now…

The first days in Alzira were quite challenging. As a big-city girl, the transition to such a small town was pretty tricky. kat2When you’re used to being able to find anything you need in your own city, it’s a bit difficult to adjust to the fact that your options are somewhat limited. In addition, in these kind of projects, you usually share a flat with other people. That’s what has happened in my case as well. I live in an apartment with three other EVS volunteers. We all come from different countries and we had never met before coming here. All of a sudden we became flatmates. Over time we will become close friends, kind of a special family and will make it all work.

In general, the beginning of my new reality might have been a bit awkward, but after a month that I’ve spent here, I’m used to it. I keep finding new ways to enjoy my stay in Alzira besides the fact that it’s not the biggest city I’ve ever lived. And, even though at the beginning I was feeling a bit uncomfortable around my new flatmates, which was just the initial feeling that I had until we could all learn more about each. As time passed by, we formed a strong bond and we found common ground and really enjoy the presence of each other.

Finally, I couldn’t forget to talk about my life in Enric Valor. Most of you already know what I do here. You must have seen me seen me in an English class with Cristina or Laura. kat4If not, then you have seen me assist Amparo during her Geography classes or Maricarmen during her “ALFABETO” classes. And if not, then you must have definitely come across me while trying to analyse a book in Maria Jose’s “Tertulia” class or help her teach Spanish to the foreigners that go to our school. Or even in the reception with Carlos or Patri. These are my duties in Enric Valor! I have to admit that I sometimes feel scared that I’m making mistakes or that I’m not doing as well as I should. But thanks to all these great people with whom I have the pleasure to work, I manage to overcome the doubts that I might have and just try to learn as much as can.

kat3As a person, I usually don’t want to judge too quickly or have high expectations. But in this case, I think it’s safe to say that this EVS project it will be a very valuable and enriching experience for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what my future in Alzira has in store for me.



Best regards,








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