EVS- Youth Training Madeira II

Youth Training Madeira II

(from 1st of May 2015 till 29th of February 2016)

Thanks to the Portuguese University of Madeira, we sent two young volunteers from Alzira for a period of ten months: Víctor and Aleix.

The Union of Students of the University of Madeira launched a new project for foreign volunteers that participated and learnt about the history of the island. Volunteers also participated in all phases of preparation and conduction of guided tours organized by this association to Jesuit College of Funchal, aimed at all schools in Madeira.

In addition to such activities, they had opportunity to learn the local language and gain skills and knowledge for their personal and professional development.

Gracias a la Universidad de Madeira, en Portugal, pudimos enviar a dos jóvenes alzireños para una estancia de diez meses: Víctor y Aleix. 

La Unión de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Madeira puso en marcha un nuevo proyecto para voluntarios extranjeros que participaron y aprendieron sobre la historia propia de la isla. Los voluntarios también participaron en todas las fases de preparación y realización de las visitas guiadas organizadas por esta asociación al Colegio de los Jesuitas de Funchal, dirigidas a todas las escuelas de Madeira.

Además de realizas estas dichas actividades tuvieron la oportunidad de aprender el idioma local y obtener habilidades y conocimientos para su desarrollo personal y profesional.

Here is a little history of the project 


Radio Alzira with Victor and Aleix

10517137_991025307594777_4110843035455169913_o.jpgVictor and Aleix visited Radio Alzira to talk about their selection to participate in their first EVS project Youth Training Madeira II. They talked about their selection process and expectations they have to begin new life experience in couple days.

To listen this program click here.

Radio Alzira con Víctor y Aleix


Victor y Aleix visitaron Radio Alzira para hablar de su selección para participar en su primer proyecto SVE Youth Training Madeira II. Hablaron sobre su proceso de selección y sobre expectativas que tienen para empezar nueva experiencia de vida en unos días. 

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Aleix and Victor start their EVS project in Madeira

We are glad that our collaboration with the University of Madeira Students Union is still going well. Today two new volunteers from Alzira started their European Voluntary Service experience in the lovely island of Madeira with our partner organization. Aleix and Victor will spend ten months there. We are wishing them good luck and strength during their project and hope that every moment what they live there will develop their skills and everything they learn during this adventure will help them in the future.


Aleix y Víctor empiezan su voluntariado en Madeira

En IDEA estamos encantados de que nuestra colaboración con la Unión de Estudiantes de la Universidad de Madeira vaya viento en popa. Hoy dos nuevos voluntarios han comenzado su proyecto de diez meses en la encantadora isla de Madeira. Desde IDEA les deseamos mucha suerte a Aleix y a Víctor, esperamos que las experiencias que vivan allí les ayuden a mejorar sus habilidades y que esta aventura les sirva para el futuro.

Promotion of EVS by Victor 

As volunteers in IDEA one of our responsibilities is to promote European volunteer Service. We are doing it through presentations in high schools in Alzira. We are trying to explain them the main idea of volunteering; to show them that in life they have a possibility to travel abroad and experience a new way of independence. Victor share his experience in High school of Alzira, where he, during his holidays, explained how is everything going as he was in the middle of his EVS project.


Promocion de SVE de Victor

Como somos los voluntarios en IDEA una de las responsabilidades es promover el Servicio Voluntario Europeo. Los estamos haciendo por las presentaciones en las escuelas secundarias en Alzira. Estamos intentando explicar a los estudiantes la idea principal de ser un voluntario; enseñarles que tienen una posibilidad para viajar fuera al extranjero y comprobar nueva vida más independiente.Victor contaba su experiencia en la Escuela Secundaria, donde explicó durante sus vacaciones como le parece todo como ya estaba en la mitad de su proyecto.

Dairy of a volunteer by Aleix Santacreu

Our volunteer Aleix Santacreu who spend last 10 months in Madeira described his experience in University Magazine. We would like to share his experience and inspire the rest of you who are still hesitating to participate in EVS.

Nuestro voluntario Aleix Santacreu que pasó últimos 10 meses en Madeira describió su experiencia en la Revista de la Universidad. Nos gustaría compartir su experiencia e inspirar al resto de ustedes que todavía dudan de participar en el SVE. 


Diary of a volunteer- Text only in English

1st of July: Arrival at the airport of Madeira. Next destination: 30th April. Come back home.

Having just landed at the airport I quickly realise what this adventure will mean for me.  A personal challenge to be developed over 10 months, working as a volunteer in the Students´ Union of the University of Madeira.

In the first few days, I settled in at the Students´ Residence in Rua de Santa Maria, in the old part of the city, sharing a room with my friend Victor (from my city, Alzira) and Ivan. We are all volunteers and we would work for the same Union, thought in different projects.

We quickly befriend a group of Turkish students. Everything was new for me: another country, another language, another culture and I doubted if I would be able to adapt. Surely, Poncha helped with adaptation.

During the first month we studied the History of the island and the city of Funchal, particularly, the Jesuits´ College, where I would work as tourist guide. Not long after, we are ready to guide our first tours. I was very nervous but full of energy to demonstrate everything I had been learning since I had arrived here. After all, I was developing a new profession.  After the first 30 minute visit the result was good. My English was not fluent but the tourists enjoyed the visit. This was gratifying.

Time goes on between sunny days, Fado and endless ocean views, and I start learning the Portuguese language. First words, first errors. No problem: we are still learning. The hardest thing is the pronunciation, but I try to practice it every day with my workmates. This is important because in the souvenir shop of the College we receive groups of tourists (mostly French, but that´s another story) and you need to speak their language: another challenge for me.

While all this happens, I also have time to explore the island. Ponta de Sao Lorenco, Encumeada or Levada das 25 Fontes… wonderful places that you should visit, even accompanied by new friends made in this island. Some of them left because their projects had ended, but surely we would see each other again, somewhere. For sure.

Another interesting point was the training we received in Braga with other volunteers working in Portugal, for five days. We did all kinds of activities: games in groups, individual, performances… it was really funny! I met people from Turkey, Italy, Uruguay, France, Poland… During the week we did activities to know each other (great point!) and we were also told about volunteering, different projects and things that we can do when our project ends. One thing to note was the explanation of the Youthpass, which we fill with everything we have done during our stay here, a document that can help you in your work life.

A few weeks later, the day is already taking shape and the work is more routine than before. There is no time for mistakes. No more tests. Here begins the real challenge. Ten months in which I will develop a new job, a new language in a new country but with the confidence and desire to always be better.

 Aleix and Victor sharing their know-how with RADIO ALZIRA

Alex and Victor finished in previous days their EVS project.  After 10 months in sunny Madeira they decided that is a right time to talk in Radio Alzira again. This can help us to compare if their expectations and goals were in the end achieved and if they would go through all process again. They were talking about involvement, experience and motivation to be part of European volunteer service. We are really glad that they appreciate this new adventure which was (as they said) rewarding for them.

To listen this program click here.


Alex y Víctor compartiendo su know-how con RADIO ALZIRA

Alex y Victor terminaron su proyecto SVE durante anteriores días. Después de 10 meses en soleado Madeira decidieron que es un momento adecuado para hablar de nuevo en Radio Alzira. Esto nos puede ayudar a comparar si sus expectativas y objetivos estaban al final alcanzados y si pasarían por todo el proceso de nuevo. Estaban hablando de participación, experiencia y motivación para formar parte del Servicio Voluntario Europeo. Estamos muy contentos que aprecian esta nueva aventura, que era (como decían) gratificante para ellos.

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