On the Importance of Arboriculture (Coraline´s Story)

WHO AM I? Hola, I am Coraline. I am originally from Reunion Island (so I am French), studied in England, was living in Brussels and now working in Alzira. It may sound peculiar, but I would not describe myself as someone who particularly likes travelling, I just follow what comes along according to my objective. … More On the Importance of Arboriculture (Coraline´s Story)

Volunteering in Poland

Micaela, who was volunteering in Wrocław, Poland has shared her presentation experience with us. Her project´s tasks included not only presenting Spanish culture but also teaching the language to local youth. Micaela´s effort  was certainly beneficial and interesting for young pupils: “El cole estaba todo decorado con fotos y cartulinas sobre España, la gente muy … More Volunteering in Poland

Hello Four New Interns!

Ayuntamiento de Alzira, offering creative and practical solutions to many of citizen´s demands has been hosting volunteers and interns for several years. As we said goodbye to our two interns from France and Madeira, we recently welcomed four new interns entering via program Eurodyssey. Their projects include European Projects Management, Local Development and since this … More Hello Four New Interns!


With time passing, we moved from simply volunteers to the position of “senior” volunteers and last month we welcomed new group of volunteers here in Alzira. Recently, we “the seniors” had participated in mid-term evaluation training in Mollina in Andalucian region. Apart from meeting other volunteers doing their EVS in different parts of the country … More Evaluación


Today, we held a three minutes silence in memory of those who died and were injured during attacks in Barcelona, Cambrils and Alcanar. Once again, the innocent ones.