World without Hate -Manuel Sanchez Salom

My name is Manuel Sanchez Salom and I’m going to tell you my point of view of the travel. For me it was a really great experience, not only for learn about another language, or to know more things about Roma people. No, I’m talking about persons that I met and the activities we did. I think I’m better than I had been before.


First I have to say It was the first flight of my life. It was really impressive at the first moments, and I was remembering my grandfathers quotes about planes, “For me, enter into a plane is like enter into my tomb”. But at the end it was a good experience for me, I really enjoyed the sandwiches and beers during the plane, It was delicious! We had a flight change in Frankfurt, one of the biggest airports in Europe. I’m sad because we couldn’t see the city.

I feel when we were in Hungary that the Soviet Union was alive, in the public transports, in the old structures…. It was an interesting feeling for me. The Tokaj’s train was really crazy, no one spoke English and we did’t know in what place we were. The first day we were really tired and we went to sleep without speaking with anyone. I like the hotel, it’s a really nice place, but I think it could be cleaner. I enjoyed the new tastes from Hungary, but I think Hungarian people eats a lot.


I really enjoyed the activities, it was great for us to cooperate, to help ourselves and the first days we had known all the people.  The people of the project were amazing, not only us, I think the staff too. I made really good friends, from all the countries. Our nights had been really interesting drinking and playing games.

Tokaj is a good place, I like the school activities, the games outside, the calmly place it was. But the best for me was Budapest, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe; I really want to return other time for see all the city. It’s a bit expensive but ok. The worst was to sleep in the airport, because it’s a very small place and we had to sleep on the floor.

Manuel Sanchez Salom